India Invest.com: lead by Ms. Poonam Bhavin Desai is with a dedicated team of financial planners who help companies and individuals on a thought processes to meet long-term financial goals.  We as a team are always there to assist you in solving your financial requirements and your long/short term money investment objectives. Our customized plans guide you to organize financial planning easily with the appropriate products (e.g., life insurance, disability insurance, investment funds, etc.)

Managing wealth or financial planning is the art and science of allocating assets and interchange of suitable sub assets and products which can be customized to our needs.  Be it for your new home/business or your child’s education/marriage or your retirement – India Invest is forever with you.

  1. Mutual funds
  2. Equity
  3. Portfolio Management Services
  4. Alternate Investment Funds
  5. Health Insurance Plans
  6. Term Plans – For your life
  7. Life Insurance
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Major Views

To be the most looked for investment management company and to achieve highest portfolio value and cross 10 billion investment


Our Aims

To give the best advise and help all out customers to achieve more than the returns they expect